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Logo Vnus by Takeru Amano



Vnus by Takeru Amano
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              is eternal, an icon that transcends time and space. 

Always different, yet always the same. 

Do you feel something new when you contemplate her? 

Love and desire are the primal forces 

that move the world.

It’s the fuel of all creations.

Venus reflects a thousand mirrors of our passions. 

For artists, she is a muse, and for rulers, 

she is the source of all power.

Get lost in the colors of Takeru’s Venus, and try to

understand her mysteries.

Venus will guide us and open the gates 

to the deepest mysteries of our humanity.

Logo Vnus by Takeru Amano
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A figure of the contemporary Japanese artistic scene

Takeru Amano is a Japanese artist renowned for his distinctive method of expression known as “NEW ART.” Born in Tokyo in 1977, Amano developed a passion for art early on, greatly influenced by his father, a graphic designer. Amano’s artistic style is characterized by the juxtaposition of classical, philosophical, and mythical subjects with elements of pop art. His artworks have been exhibited in prestigious venues worldwide, including Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York, London, and Paris. Amano’s ability to bridge the gap between traditional painting and the present day has earned him international recognition. He has collaborated with renowned fashion brands such as “Yoji Yamamoto” and “ISSEY MIYAKE” and has designed jacket artwork for musicians. Today he is pushing further these explorations with on-chain digital collectibles. In 2020, Amano commemorated the 20th anniversary of his artistic career by publishing his first collection of works titled “ICONS.” Two years later, in 2022, he unveiled “VENUS,” which has become synonymous with his art. Drawing upon the goddess of beauty and love from mythology, Venus has emerged as one of the most iconic motifs in Amano’s repertoire.Continuously pushing the boundaries of his art, Takeru Amano stands as one of Japan’s most notable contemporary artists.

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